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Bastakiya District, Dubai has retained the old form of lifestyle - there is no electricity, and traditional houses with large courtyards add to the charm of the place. All these houses in Old Dubai were cooled with the help of the wind towers. Flanked by Creeks the Old Dubai city looked simply resplendent. Bastakiya District, Dubai stays true to the quaint charm that Old Dubai exuded.

Today the Bastakiya district has made a mark as one of the important tourist attractions in Dubai. Immediately to the east of Al Fahidi Fort in this district is the largest concentration of traditional courtyard houses with wind towers. Today Bastakiya District, Dubai is a hub of culture and also has some of the best traditional market zones. Old Dubai has undergone a massive modernization but at the Bastakiya District in Dubai the tourists will find all the ingredients that people associated with Old Dubai.

Most of the old courtyard houses are now museums that store artifacts that relate to the past. Artists of the recent years also exhibit their works in these museums and galleries. Since the place is frequented by tourist many restaurants and markets have come up here. At the Heritage Village in the Bastakiya District, Dubai perhaps you will get to see some rare edifices and items.

If you are one whose interests are vested in the archeological past of Dubai then a visit to the Bastakiya District, Dubai will quench your thirst for more information on the historic patterns and modes of living of the Arabs in Dubai. Tourists find the district truly admirable. Today the Bastakiya district in Dubai is recognized as a small region that has still retained its identity of the past.

Old Bastakiya region covers an area of 300 m by 200 m. It lies on the Bur side. The district underwent a thorough renovation in 2001 by the Dubai Municipality. It was a much needed step as the region was a coveted tourist spot and needed to be maintained properly. Since the district also marks the settlement of the Persians many of the houses and museums contain elements that reflect the Persian culture. In fact in the Bastakiya District, Dubai you will get to see the culmination of these two cultures.



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