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Heritage Village


The Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi is also one of the favorite Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi city is situated on an island and is connected to the mainland by bridges. The city is an important business center and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. For learning more about the history and heritage of this region the Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi is the best place to visit.

The Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi is located in the middle of the city. Here you can learn about the lifestyle and traditions of Bedouin culture. You can also see the exhibition featuring the lifestyle of the people before the oil era. At the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi you can see mud-brick houses, a traditional mosque, a traditional market. There is also a demonstration of the sport of falconry.

Inside the Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi is the Hili Gardens. The garden contains tombs which are over four thousand years old. This attraction has increased the popularity of the Heritage Village. The village has been constructed according to a nomad camp. You can know about the history of the region by seeing the tents, buildings and traditional activities.

Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi also features exhibitions about the ancient irrigation system, workshops of craftsmen and a museum. The museum in the village exhibits jewelry, ancient diving equipments, garments, Holy Quran, coins, and old weaponry. And after all these Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi you can also taste typical Bedouin meal here and also shop for souvenirs at the village.



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