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Grand Mosque


Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi is located at the junction of Airport Rd & Zayed. The Grand Mosque Dubai is counted among one of the largest mosques in United Arab Emirates.

Situated in the Bur Dubai side, in close proximity to the Ruler's Court, the Grand Mosque consists of forty-five small domes in addition to nine large ones. It boasts of having many features like stained glass panels, sand-colored walls and wooden shutters.

Most of the tourists are not permitted to enter the numerous mosques in Abu Dhabi, the Grand Mosque, is one of few mosque available for tourists sightings. But Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the Mosque. Non-Muslims can go to see and click a few pictures of the mosque and its spectacular minaret. The mosque is open only during prayer time.

Grand Mosque as Landmark
The Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi is a notable landmark with its multi-domed style and impressive size. It can accommodate up to 1,200 worshippers at a time. This is considered as an important place of worship. The Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi has contributed a lot towards the growth of tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Grand Mosque Architecture
Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi was architecture had a traditional Islamic style. It opened in 1900 A.D as a kuttab (Quranic school). Children who came here learnt to recite the Quran. In 1998 the Grand Mosque of Dubai was rebuilt maintaining the style of the original Grand Mosque. It now has a 70 meters (231ft) high minaret- The tallest minaret in Dubai.



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