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Abu Dhabi Corniche


The Corniche is a long road that is almost six km long. The road extends from the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Resort & Towers to the Hilton Corniche Residence. The road is twenty-one miles away from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

This is undoubtedly the best road in Abu Dhabi to see picturesque views. Tourists on tours to Abu Dhabi should not miss going a drive on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi.

With most buildings facing the sea for the background, it is one of the most striking sites in Abu Dhabi. Corniche is renowned all over the Middle East for its spell-bound beauty. Several gardens are lined up along the Corniche, around the coastal drive that marks the boundary of the city. This road's popularity in the Middle East has contributed towards the growth of tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Fountains are present at all the intersections of Corniche of Abu Dhabi make the road all the more beautiful. The lush green gardens and fountains make drive a lifetime experience.



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