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Dubai Dolphinarium


Welcome to the Dubai Dolphinarium.
This area has been selected by Dubai Municipality due to its focus on balancing an education and family entertainment. Dubai Dolphinarium is an amazing place, where the confluence of nature and science makes for exiting journey in Edutainment Marine Adventure.

Dubai Dolphinarium is the first fully air conditioned indoor Dolphinarium in the Middle East with a temperature ranging from 21°c - 25°c.

It is our aim to provide a solid family entertainment and education about Dolphins, Seals, and other marine life.
Our mission is to provide the residents and visitors of Dubai with a high value family entertainment and educational classes that provide educational facts regarding the Dolphins, Seals and other sea life with a message calling for the conservation and protection of them and their environment. To encourage young generation to creates new solutions to help protects them and to bring awareness for their needs and threats.

Please read our Newsletter for more information about Dubai Dolphinarium.  If you want to leave a comment, you can sign-up on our Guest Book. Follow the link to see some neat photos in our Photos Gallery from live action of the Dolphins and Fur Seals to the activities and events held such as summer camp and birthday parties.

Building & Support Facilities
Dubai Dolphinarium is a Government of Dubai sponsored and supported project.  The Dubai Municipality was responsible for overseeing the overall concept to ensure that it served the best interests of the residents of Dubai as well as the large number of business and tourist visitors to the Emirates.

The facility is one of a kind that no one think that there are any other Dolphinariums quite like ours.  We have cinema quality seats and surround background music during the live actions of the Dolphins and Seals. With due to the very hot summers we have a completely acclimatized environment air/water for both the dolphins and the people.

Dubai Dolphinarium is a 5000 square meters modern marine mammal facility. Externally the building shape and style has a fun and colorful geometry. The internal walls are completely covered with an underwater theme of cartoon like characters depicting various sea creatures in a humorous style. The building interior is fully air-conditioned and has a wall of windows which face the stunning greenery of Creek Park.
The Dolphinarium has a large 180° Main Arena featuring 1200 cinema-quality seats including 92 VIPs equip with surround sound system and laser and spotlights to enhance your viewing pleasures. It's surrounding a 3.5 million liters semi-circle 5.5 meters deep sea water pool.

  • Training Pool area includes three pools. The Dolphins have their own private habitat area with 600,000 liters sea water connected to the main arena pool. For the health and welfare of mammals there are a medical pool and separated Seal pool enclosure.
  • The Dolphin & Seal Halls are 30 meters long and 15 meters wide, which is allow us to hold events as charity and promotional events, press conferences, family days, birthdays and children fun activities.
  • The Happy Valley Restaurant is situated in the center of the Dolphinarium, between The Dolphin & Seal Halls and serves a wide range of fusion cuisine as well as beverages and quick and fun meals for children. Happy Valley will be delighted to cater for any events which customers might want to hold in the Dolphinarium.
  • Three classrooms and multimedia room accommodate children's Educational Programs and Activities.
  • The colorful Gift Shop provides a variety of souvenir toys which have educational value and are all related to the marine environment.
  • Dubai Dolphinarium Photo Shop has professional photographers capturing your precious moments with Dolphins and Seal after each show. It's a great pleasure to take a souvenir folder or frame with our beautiful marine mammals.
  • The ticket counters are at the far end of the Dolphin and Seal Halls.
  • The restrooms are in both the halls and the main arena areas for public convenience.

Marine Mammals
Dubai Dolphinarium is home to three Black Sea Bottlenose dolphins, Senya(m) 3m (320kg), Ksyusha(f) 2.8m (275kg), Marfa(f) (2.85m) (290kg) and four Northern Fur Seals Ghosha, Max, Fila and Siennia.

Our Staff
We have more than 60 employees who are here to serve you.  From the Managing Director, Mammal Trainers and care givers to the cleaner, we all have one mission - to please you and to make your visit as pleasant as possible.


  Dubai Dolphinarium, Dubai - UAE
P.O. Box: 232292
Tel: +971 4 336 9773
Fax: +971 4 336 9774

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